M.Sc. Nursing (Manchester), B.Sc. Nursing (Malta), P.G. Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics (Malta), 
Dip. R. & C. Hypnotherapy (T.O.R.C.H.), Dip. Public Management (Malta), Cert. Clinical Nutrition (Leeds)

Registered Nurse & Clinical Nutrition Nurse Specialist

Registered Nutritionist

Remedial & Curative Hypnotherapist 

Work Experience 

 Years of experience working in various settings (hospitals, clinics, salons, homes) with persons of different age groups (children to elderly) on:

- weight control

- diets

- diet programmes

- specialised diets (for certain diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diverticulitis, high fibre, high protein, etc...)

- food allergies

- sports nutrition

- child nutrition

- nutritional assessments (for children to elderly, even using specialised tools)

- menu planning

- food analysis (for individuals and companies)

- writing of articles (on various topics related to nutrition and health)

lectures, talks, discussions, groups, seminars, conferences

- clinical (enteral and parenteral) nutrition.

- screening elderly persons for nutritional status, mental health, falls risk, ADLs

- coordination of courses related to health and nutrition