Geoffrey Axiak's Screening Services

The relevant authorities who monitor the services provided in the various homes for the elderly in Malta are requesting that the following scores and assessments are  carried out regularly on all the elderly in the various homes.

The services offered include performing the various assessment and screening tools and also the  training of healthcare professionals to carry out and interpret these tools:

  • Nutritional screening, e.g. the use of Mini Nutritional Assessment
  • Falls Risk Assessment, e.g. the Morse Falls Score
  • Barthel Index - for Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Mental Assessment Scores, e.g. the Mini Mental Score
  • Care planning
  • Monitoring of residents who take their own treatment

Included with these services is the development and updating of a database where all the data related to the medical and personal data of all the residents, including the assessments carried out on them and the scores can be stored.  The required reports of the individual residents as well as that of all the residents of the homes can be printed at will as necessary.

For more details contact the nutritionist.