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Suffering from eating disorders, depression, family or couple problems, or problems of a psychological nature.  

Contact one of the most qualified psychotherapists in Malta and she will help you.

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This website is intended as a means of providing education and information to the general public and to healthcare and non-healthcare professionals about nutrition-related issues and about the application of nutrition in different settings and with different age groups. 

Some material is research-based but for professional advice and tuition one should contact the nutritionist to obtain his expert advice on the matters in question before quoting or presenting anything presented on this website.

Upcoming Events in 2021

Online Nutrition & Dietetics e-Conference 2021

Call 27422299 for more details and booking

(booking also available by bank transfer)

Masters Degree in Applied Nutrition

Masters Degree in Applied Dietetics

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Dietetics

Part-time courses

Courses fully accredited courses at level 7

Courses accredited through NCFHE

Lectures delivered online

Practical sessions included

70% Tax refund at the end of the course through Get Qualified

Call +356 27422299 or email info@maltaleadershipinstitute.com for more details.

Courses planned to start in January or February 2021. 

Places are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.

Do you think you have a food allergy?

Do you have diarrhoea, cramps, bloating, headaches, itching, or any other strange symptoms? 

Contact the nutritionist for:

- food allergy test

- healthy diet plan according to your needs

- healthy food products you can take

 Contact the nutritionist to book your


Fill in the form below.  Booking is on payment. This can be done online below.  

Food Allergy Test Request Form

Problems encountered

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 The food allergy/intolerance blood test checks the level of allergy or intolerance status for:

7 cereals
7 nuts
4 meats
4 fish groups
7 fruits
13 vegetables
cow's milk

The result can be given within a few days.  Being a blood test it is more reliable and accurate than other tests which use other methods as is tests for your body's natural defense against food items which you eat. It shows which food you can eat, what you must avoid slightly and what you must avoid completely. The nutritionist will then guide you as to how and what you can eat to stay healthy and get all your nutrients.
These tests are genetic tests conducted on samples of hair or sputum, sent to Italy for special testing. The tests are all research-based and many tests have been carried out on them to check their efficacy and accuracy. The list of tests can be seen above. Prices of the tests are also very reasonable and tests can be combined for groups and for test combinations, with special prices given accordingly.

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