This is a set of group sessions aimed towards helping a small group of attendants lose weight within 2 months. The nutritionist will do his utmost to make the sessions simple and appropriate to all attending and to give all attendants some degree of individual attention during every session.

Length of course:

8 weeks on consecutive Fridays.

Session duration:

1 to 1-and-a-half-hour sessions including weight monitoring.

Time of course:

Starting time: 7pm

Ending time: 8.30pm


€240* - sessions + individual attention + written dietary guidance + exercise sessions with a fitness coach


*These are subject to change according to expenses and other issues.


A certificate of attendance will be given to all attendants at the end of the sessions.


To be announced when a group is organised.

Group Dates:

Friday 6th October to Friday 24th November 2017.

The above information is what is being planned by the nutritionist, although the exact details (e.g. of the course venue, dates and time) can change at the discretion of the nutritionist.  The nutritionist also reserves the right to cancel the group if not enough participants are interested to attend or for any other reason he might have (within reasonable limits).

Anyone who is interested can show his interest to attend the course by filling in the form below and/or sending an email on  

Once the group details will be finalised, all interested people would be informed and booking  would only be accepted after payment of €50 deposit. The remainder of the payment should be settled up to a week before the start of the course.

The deadline for booking is 22nd September 2017

For payment please contact me by email and I will give you the details of how to address the cheque and where to send it.

Weight-Loss Group Booking Form

Kindly fill in all the sections

Medical Conditions

Preferred day of sessions

Pay the deposit for weight-loss sessions

€ 50 

Here you will pay the deposit for the weight-loss group.  

This payment will commit the participation of one person in the weight-loss group.  

This payment will be refunded ONLY in case of cancellation of the group.


Pay the remaining balance for the weight-loss group

€ 190 

This is the settlement of the remaining balance for one person's participation in the weight-loss group.

This confirms one's participation in the weight-loss group.

This payment will be refunded:

- If the nutritionist is informed before the start of the group sessions and provided an acceptable and valid reason is provided.

- If the group is cancelled