This is a new nutrition course primarily meant for health professionals as it may be somewhat technical, although the majority of public should not have any problem to understand the sessions.  The nutritionist will do his utmost to make the sessions simple and appropriate to the course audience.

Length of course:

7 to 10 weeks

Session duration:

2-hour sessions - including two lecture sessions plus a coffee break.

Time of course:

To be decided when the new course is organised


To be finalised including course lectures, coffee break, lecture notes (optional - sent by email) - free for those doing the assessment and optional assessment


Timetable and Course Syllabus:

Below is the timetable of the last course. Although future courses will be similar in content, the nutritionist maintains the right to change or alter the sequence or content of future courses.


Multiple choice assessment, done online at your own pace.  


A certificate is given to all attendants at the end of the course. People not doing the assessment will get a certificate of attendance, while those doing the assessment would receive a Certificate of attendance plus a transcript of the course.  Nurses, medical and paramedical staff can apply for CPD points.


To be announced when a course is organised.

Course Dates:

To be decided when a new course is organised.

The above information is what is being planned by the nutritionist, although the exact details (e.g. of the course venue, dates and time) can change at the discretion of the nutritionist.

Anyone who is interested can show his interest to attend the course by filling in the form below.  Once the course details will be finalised, all interested people would be informed and booking  would only be accepted after payment of deposit.  The remainder of the payment should be settled up to a week before the start of the course.

The deadline for booking is will be announced once a new course starts

For payment please contact me by email and I will give you the details of how to address the cheque and where to send it.

Nutrition Course for Health Professionals

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