Dear reader,

Ms Michele Bezzina (a children's nurse) and myself have thought of initiating a campaign whereby we, together with a team of experts (including me as a nutritionist, Ms Bezzina as a paediatric nurse, one or two paediatricians, a psychotherapist and any other members we might think useful from time to time) would assess a number of obese children whom we would have identified following a campaign that we intend to start after the Summer months in schools, colleges, halls and hotels, local councils, gyms and other places where we can meet a number of parents, teachers, children and other interested parties to discuss with them our aims.

These involve the provision of talks, regular assessments, support grous, gym sessions, consultation and assessment services and self-help groups that would finally end up being run by the parents themselves, in different localities.  We intend to focus our campaign at outlets other than schools and hospitals to make both the children and their parents feel more at ease and be in a more relaxed and less formal environment.

This is totally a non-profit making project and we will be depending solely on sponsors and volunteers.  Our aim is not to ask for any payment from the parents or children either.  Please also note that this is a private initiative and has nothing to do with the Education Department, Health Department or the Health Promotion Unit.

I thank you for the interest you have shown in reading this letter and please feel free to contact me if you wish to offer any help, to clarify any matters or issues or to make an appointment with Ms Bezzina and myself, on the contact details below or via the online form on the home page of this website. 

Yours truly,


Geoffrey Axiak

M.Sc. Nursing (Manchester), B.Sc. Nursing, P.G. Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics

Registered Nurse & Registered Nutritionist

Mobile & Helpline: 99822288
Skype name:         gaxiak


The campaign website is being built.  Click here to visit the website.